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Kops for Mauham escort wrote:
You missed the boat on the cocky / witty response. Anything sent more than 5 minutes later is well thought out & contrived. see the review
Lobby for Raperin escort wrote:
At this point, I'd keep it PG rated because it's too late to go hard core sexual. My inclination is to say something about wanting to meet her under some mistletoe. If you want to press your luck say something like the chance to kiss her at midnight on NYE somewhere private. My way you get a date for New Years -- whether you go out together or stay in to be determined. see the review
Urodela for Boonngam escort wrote:
"A piece of ass" is simply crude. It also implies that it's not about your desire for her. "Her ass" said in the moments after the text was sent would be vulgar but would at lease be about her not just some desire on your part to have sex with anyone. see the review
Clour for Thipparat escort wrote:
I agree. Although I think there is a good chance she would be probably smile at the ass comment, it's been over 72 hours since she sent and I don't think it would have the same effect. The other thing I could say is that we have this inside joke where she thinks I have a nice fat ass. She's told me and other people, has touched it several times, taken a video of it and sent it to me at a later date, etc. I could tell her butt injections so my butt is bigger than hers? I'm not sure. see the review
Hodman for Saffa escort wrote:
Just to clear things up I'm a guy and I work out. Hence the nice round firm butt lol see the review
Marshal for Darsana escort wrote:
I'm 23 and she is 19. One of the reasons I've kept my distance. But at the same time you can't help who you're attracted to. see the review
Satisfaction for Qusun escort wrote:
I could have guessed you were those ages / that you were young based on the banter. Having this is mind ... see the review
Craig for Aquillo escort wrote:
If you like her, keep your reply classy and not trashy. Even if you don't like her THAT WAY keep it classy not trashy. see the review
Atop for Daivy escort wrote:
Be mature about it. Ask her out on a real date. Get to know here. Sex will come . You either want sex or a relationship with this girl. Choose one. She is young so be careful (I know you are young too). But at 19, she's at an age where there will be plenty of guys for her to explore. Just be prepared for that. see the review
Morison for Moirika escort wrote:
Originally Posted by ktmiller222 see the review
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