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Leisure for Jasmin escort wrote:
Me: Why do you wanna know I live with? see the review
Fasces for Passara escort wrote:
Her: Just wondering if you live on your own. I have a couple questions because I want to move out is all. Plus I was curious if you have any siblings. see the review
Ginsburg for Moutia escort wrote:
Why is she so curious about my living situation? see the review
Balandra for Sriprapa escort wrote:
I think she likes you. Ask her out. You like her too I think. see the review
Jwatson for Varasa escort wrote:
Originally Posted by mischalove see the review
Comfrey for Emilsa escort wrote:
DUDE! Grow up. I dated so many guys like you in my 20's. The way you're behaving is selfish and downright mean. You are telling her you want to be friends than behaving otherwise. You are leading her on. Either date her or let her go so she can start moving on. If it's because you are afraid of rejection get over it and grow some balls. You are constantly giving her mixed messages and to be frank you sound proud of it. see the review
Retro for Vivia escort wrote:
He has rejected this poor girl MUTIPLE TIMES. Yet is still leading her on, he gets a total thrill that this young girl is so into him. see the review
Peached for Xiaojiao escort wrote:
If that was my sister I be shaking her and telling her to stay away from this guy. see the review
Jenilee for Nohraima escort wrote:
OP, stop leading this girl on. You do not want to be with her. She has tried to pin you down multiple times, she must have low self esteem as after the first rejection any other girl would have nexted you. see the review
Autocad for Ensada escort wrote:
You should be looking into why you are getting such a kick out of leading this girl on? what are you missing in your life that you are getting pleasure in this. Strange man. see the review
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