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Mutable for Gunfred escort wrote:
Damn date sites and people , what do l do with this ? see the review
Ashfaq for Montian escort wrote:
She's been on , took a little peak. see the review
Clabber for Fouadi escort wrote:
l can't effg believe it. Got all these other women chatting away and coming and going but this one hasn't gotten back to me. FFFFF. see the review
Polit for Daljit escort wrote:
It doesn't sound like you met this person. Correct? see the review
Black for Sawen escort wrote:
If you didn't meet, premature assessment? see the review
Jillet for Vivvi Anne escort wrote:
First, don’t like them before you even meet them. You might hate her in person or more likely you will never meet. see the review
Nettie for Sexy_Roxanne escort wrote:
I’ve had many women on bumble reach out to me and go completely silent after I respond. Still kept me matched, just never responded so I give them a week and unmatch them. see the review
Steeles for Shyamala escort wrote:
Yeah om my site you have to like each other back first before you can email. see the review
Bouchal for Lienke escort wrote:
A woman, or man, who's been on a dating site 2 years would raise a red flag for me, different or not. We're all different. A woman, given the normal deluge even a 'different' one gets, has reviewed a lot of stuff in two years and hopefully gone on a lot of dates too. Fishy. see the review
Blest for Aneeza escort wrote:
So what 2 years is fishy is it ? see the review
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