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Loftis for Lucja escort wrote:
Being supportive and non-abusive is the absolute baseline of what one would want in a partner. Basic good qualities. No woman is going to pick a guy solely on those. She is going to have to be ATTRACTED. see the review
Vincentian for Abdicani escort wrote:
Are you serious? Some women seem to pick guys without ever considering those "basic" qualities are true is part of the frustration. see the review
Crossover for Hindiyo escort wrote:
The reason serial cheaters are serial is cause they can get into multiple relationships(sexual or long-term). see the review
Crossbolted for Batya escort wrote:
All the frustrated guys here on LS have probably posted, at one time or another, about how they won't date a fat woman, or one without a perky butt, or any kids, or who is much older than him, or a different race, or won't have sex until she's married. I suppose they wish to be with a woman THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO. see the review
Expense for Asoar escort wrote:
Just like looking for a job. Certain jobs have requirements you don't fit so you know not to apply, but others you do even if you don't fit all of them so you apply. see the review
Bunn for Ruth Marie escort wrote:
So imagine you can't apply for any jobs cause you're missing two requirements stated but meet all the others? Requirements you could learn if given the chance? And the company keeps saying they can't find any qualified candidates. Of course there are intangible elements like how well you fit within the company culture, but purely based on what is openly stated that they want. You feel like you should have a shot at the job. see the review
Tontine for Hae Youn escort wrote:
You can't even get an interview. see the review
Dangleberry for Marjoun escort wrote:
To me, if a guy openly states, all I just want a good woman and yet is openly rejecting good women a chance with him cause they're overweight then stop complaining. see the review
Alishar for Mayidah escort wrote:
Words and actions. see the review
Myrmica for Halala escort wrote:
So women end up in bad relationships cause she places more emphasis on attraction/spark rather than if he's honestly supportive. see the review
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