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Marci for Keesia escort wrote:
Take her out, and have fun. But make sure you put something on the end of it. see the review
Kimberli for Yezlyani escort wrote:
She sounds a bit odd. Perhaps she acts like this because she is nervous around you since, you, know she loves you, see the review
Lemaire for Saralisa escort wrote:
Originally Posted by Cersei see the review
Dehhhhh for Rajul escort wrote:
Could be nerves but I'm not completely sure. She's pretty confident overall. Her comment of "I love you" which was said multiple times, in my opinion does not mean much. see the review
Unusual for Gisselle escort wrote:
Honestly, I don't know what to think. She is a overdramatic person without a doubt. But would a overdramatic person do everything that she has done. see the review
Dave for Meriai escort wrote:
Anybody else have any input? see the review
Woak for Manchester escort wrote:
She also told me that she gives me tips and pointers with work because she likes me. I don't know if she meant as a friend or what. see the review
Churly for Hae Youn escort wrote:
I assume you meant to say jittery? If so, I really haven't show much emotion towards her when she says stuff except giving her dirty looks like she's crazy. see the review
Doodads for Lorin Khoshaba escort wrote:
I don't really see how this stuff could be happening at my expense when I blow off everything that has happened. I'm just documenting it here so it may appear like I get worked up when she is around. That is not the case. see the review
Peperonis for Promi escort wrote:
You are on a downhill swirl. This girl is salivating all over you and you are taking full advantage to the point you tell her to tie your shoe. You are behaving like a douche on his best behavior, and what's worse is you sound like this young lady's superior. see the review
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