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Chalton for Misraketsehay escort wrote:
The other part is I don't know what I was hoping to achieve here, more and more and more I just find myself going on this aimless dates which never amount to anything because there is no real spark of connection with the person, I really TRY and go with an open mind and TRY not to benchmark people but it inevitably happens. see the review
Reap for Beroz escort wrote:
When someone cancels without offering to reschedule, you don't offer another day. see the review
Turnbow for Fonge escort wrote:
That's her job. see the review
Dusmani for Bezabih escort wrote:
You say, "ok, good luck with your project" and move on. see the review
Superhive for Goyo escort wrote:
If she does end up rescheduling later, that's up to you to decide if you think she is genuine and you're still interested. see the review
Cyclo for Dowlat escort wrote:
Definitely walk away. It sounds like she's not interested. Esp you said she said she's on holiday but has a project to complete? That sounds fishy.. see the review
Patera for Kurdi escort wrote:
Torunn for Aayman escort wrote:
(ten characters) see the review
Canaled for Celimira escort wrote:
When she says "I have to think about it" you say "Ok, you know how to reach me". see the review
Mccann for Sally Amelia escort wrote:
Then move on without expecting to hear from her again. If you do, then great, it's an unexpected bonus. see the review
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