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Okkonen for Xueji escort wrote:
They aren't him and they aren't privy to the conversations he's having with his ex, despite what either of them are telling you or what your friend thinks he/she knows. see the review
Mony for Tube escort wrote:
He's acting like a guy who wants back in and he's doing it by making indirect connection. He keeps planting his hooks. see the review
Mickles for Wing San escort wrote:
Stomp what he or your friend is saying. see the review
Crib for Witsanu escort wrote:
From post #1: see the review
Zeiger for Enguhert escort wrote:
They broke up in early October. I do know she broke up with him see the review
Ideaman for Tanguy escort wrote:
People who are dumped don't get the emotional running head start that the dumper has when the break up goes down. They play emotional catch up and tend to not want to let go. If the one who dumped them gives them any inkling of connection, then they hold onto it like a life raft. see the review
Subjacency for Mary Bell escort wrote:
And as heavenonearth pointed out, he'd only been broken up for a week when OP floated past and he swam for her raft. He was no where near being in the right head space to move forward in a romantic capacity in his life. That was a selfish move on his part. see the review
Dinkey for Francseska escort wrote:
I'd agree if he wasn't the one who was dumped. see the review
Lucres for Pannga escort wrote:
If he had the courage of his convictions instead of the vanity of his pride, he's just leave her be and focus on OP 100% and not give OP anything like a reason to doubt his feelings for her. see the review
Shor for Erna escort wrote:
Originally Posted by Leojax View Post see the review
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