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Cottage for Selkie escort wrote:
you say she broke up with him, so he's not the one who initiated this. If it was up to him, they'd still be together. see the review
Hoverman for Boriva escort wrote:
Not true, the ex tried to come back and he said no. Maybe I don’t get social media, but why doesn’t it seem like he moved on if he posted that other girl, not that he’s taunting the ex? see the review
Katherina for Yausra escort wrote:
Not true, the ex tried to come back and he said no. see the review
Frogeyes for Heidi Maria escort wrote:
Also, my friend is under the impression that he tried to make her jealous (I don’t agree). He snapped a video of his food and then showed the girl he was on a date then posted it on social media. see the review
Dramamine for Carolina Aurora escort wrote:
I don't go look at their social media--in fact, I block them on everything. I leave no path of return to them or for me because I'm done. see the review
Chimeras for Marselina escort wrote:
Dumped people, by and large, don't get over being dumped in 2 weeks time. They're still reeling from being blindsided. We only have OP's word that he got over it, not his, because she's got a dog in this hunt. see the review
Coul for Mosa escort wrote:
Bottom line is he still wants to be with her. see the review
Nickita for Workinesh escort wrote:
STOP TEXTING HER!!!!! see the review
Seggar for Kalitsa escort wrote:
Spend some time with her. What you do doesn't matter just spend time with her. Hence I suggested Christmas shopping . . . very low key, easy to pass off as a non-date; equally easy to ratchet up especially if you can find some mistletoe see the review
Valving for Rawnaq escort wrote:
We have hung out multiple times. One time I took her to a party once where she followed me upstairs when I had to go to the bathroom, asked me to escort her to the bathroom later in the night. I told her I would and would wait outside while she goes. After we left and she was in my car, she looked in the back seat and appeared upset that I had all kinds of stuff back there and there was no room. We then hung out in my car for the next 5-6 hours and just talked. see the review
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